Using new techology to tackle old problems

 In Change Management, Communication, Leaders

We published our first app in the iTunes App Store a few weeks ago.  It is a Change Readiness Audit that helps organizations assess how ready they are for any given change.  After answering a few questions, the user gets some feedback about how well they are doing.  Some poeple are really digging the format and the ease of use.  But others are telling us that what is basically a 5 minute survey is far too simple to capture what is necessary for changes to succeeed. 

I see both sides of it.  I think the intention of something that is “quick and dirty” is really to just expose people to a new way of looking at change.  An IT manager in charge of a system implementation in his company might not generally consider the fact that there needs to be a clear understanding of the need for change, that leaders need to be demonstrating commitment, etc….  An easy and non-threatening assessment like this audit might just open his eyes a little bit.  At least that is what we hope.  

Should someone assume that change is as simple as a few short questions?  Absolutely not.  But change is not really rocket science… we know there are certain things that MUST happen and be in place for change to be successful.  Hopefully this is at least a start!