Social Media as a Tool for Managing Change

 In Communication

Social media… whether you love it or hate it, it is here to stay.  While some of our clients think “tweeting” and blogging is ridiculous, many spend a good portion of their time every week reading and sharing ideas through blogs, discussion groups, and Twitter.  

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in managing change.  Sharing ideas, engaging people in change efforts, and gathering feedback to help refine change plans are all critical to managing change effectively.  And social media is a great tool for doing all three of those things.  If a group impacted by the change you are driving really likes this social media stuff, then use it to your advantage!

Leaders can interact with staff in ways that were never possible before blogs and message boards.  People can get information precisely when they want and need it.  And groups can share ideas real time.  We have only just begun to see our clients using this stuff, but it is definitely on the rise. 

I remember 10 years ago we used a tool with a client called a “graffiti wall”.  It was a place where people could go write down whatever they thought about a question or comment posted at the top of the wall.  You’d be amazed at how many comments would go up in the course of a day in an old manufacturing environment!  Those folks had opinions they wanted to share!  Well, many of these tools is just a jazzed up version of the same!

Face to face interactions still form the basis of a working relationship, but new social media can be a powerful addition.