Purpose during Change

 In Leaders

I recieved this email today….

Subject:  Dallas Business Journal article 9/3 

Dear Kate ,

Your piece about leaders needing support in uncertainty is right on target.  I especially enjoyed the sentence, “Those who define themselves as spouses, parents … do a much better job a maintaining their sense of purpose …”  My leadership confidence comes from my God and family, not the work place.  I would add that people who see  work as a blessing and a means to provide for their family manage change better than others who cannot seem to separate their identity from their behavior, i.e., who they are versus what they do. 

All the best,  

Cole Whitney


The article was about people’s need to maintain thier sense of purpose during times of change.  Cole brought to light a source of purpose outside of work that I had not mentioned in the article.  It was a really terrific catch.  I had left it out… but it certainly is a biggie for many many people.  Whatever your beliefs or your passions, look for ways to define yourself and your value beyond just want you do.  It will build resiliency during times of change (and will probably make you a more fulfilled person overall!)