How do they do that? Preparing Employees to Change

 In Change Management, Change Readiness

Can your company adapt quickly to change? Successful companies have a repeatable process that helps employees through transitions. They create an environment that prepares employees to think and work in new ways. These companies make sure employees are ready, willing and able to make whatever change is needed to achieve business goals.

How do they do that?  First – communication and involvement. Employees are ready when they understand the status quo is no longer enough. They understand why the change is necessary for the survival of the company. They see it’s a priority by how leaders act. They hear it’s a priority by what leaders say. Benchmarking, sharing data and company goals help make the case for change. Companies good at preparing employees also create temporary work groups and empower employees to make some of the decisions that will affect them.

Second, employees are willing when they are motivated to work in new ways. They’re job has been redesigned and they see how it fits into the new plan. They are recognized and rewarded for adopting the new processes.  They are
willing when they are evaluated based on the new business goals and measures.

Employees are able when they have been educated and trained to support the new way of working. For example, do they know how to measure and track quality? Do they have the tools and skills to work as a team?  Employees are able when the organization structure supports the business goals, whether it’s working in teams or cross functional task forces.

Competition and environmental forces will continue to drive businesses to change. Creating an environment where employees are ready, willing and able is hard work; however, companies that are good at transitioning their employees will adapt quickly and have a competitive advantage.