The Blind Spot

 In Communication

You’ve probably heard the phase “actions speak louder than words”.  What are your actions saying? 

Tacit communication is the type of communication that is invisible, unspoken, inferred, or implied.
It communicates much more than our words often do.  It is a key part of how we relate to one another and gather meaning, and it unveils what’s behind our intentions, assumptions, prejudices and biases. 

Understanding what our actions are really saying requires us to have a good deal of self-awareness and actually seeing what for many may be a blind spot.  

The key to understanding and managing your own unspoken messages is a healthy dose of introspection.  Ask yourself….

  • Do you value some opinions more than others?
  • Do you have unspoken beliefs about how things should be at work?
  • Do you give all an equal opportunity to succeed?
  • Do you have relationships that you value above others at work?
  • Do you truly, deep down, care about someone’s opinion or idea? 
  • What do you truly want out of a situation, your job, your life?  

Ask questions of yourself and see what you can uncover.  If you are stuck, turn to someone you trust that will be honest with you about the messages you send.  The more diligent you are at uncovering your blind spot, the more effective you become as a leader.