At Change Guides, we define Change Management as getting individuals and groups Ready, Willing, and Able   to work in new ways that support business results.
We’ve been practicing Change Management since the mid-90s. The part of our job that has stayed consistent over time is the need to educate people about Change Management. This includes:
How to define Change Management
How to talk about change and employee transition
How to make the case for investing in Change Management resources
What skills and experience are needed to be good at Change Management
What methodologies and tools are available to apply best practices consistently over time
These resources provide some quick, easy solutions that can help you Embrace Your Role as an Educator
New! The Eight Constants of Change Power Point Presentation with facilitator notes. This flexible 90-minute presentation covers topics found in The Eight Constants of Change book.
Video! The Change Management 101 Video and other videos found on our YouTube Channel